About the Series


The Series follows a wealth of characters that are all going through their days and nights as most would, simply living. These characters quickly come to the realization that this world is not exactly what they thought they knew. From a high school drop out with a bad attitude that gets caught up in the wrong crowd, to the most popular girl in arguably the world who is dealing with her own feelings of inadequacies, to the runaway boy seeking refuge from assassins or the girl battling bouts of depression and many more whom find out they were once revered and worshiped as gods and goddesses in past lifetimes until they destroyed one another's kingdoms. These gods have been reborn as the current day teens fighting back the overwhelming odds against them.


Finding out that Magick actually exists is one thing but to find out that there is a secret society that has been controlling the greater part of the world for thousands of years is another. Every character has to make critical decisions whether to fight in this ageless war and try to make a difference or try to blend in and hope they don't make too many waves. This is a story that you choose who the real bad guy is and from inside the world that the Supernaturals have lived this entire time.


The Soulstream series is deeply rooted in the ever changing but very present human experience and history of our planet Earth. The entangled web of mythology and ancient civilizations and the mistakes we must be making in current times that could skate the fine lines of evolution or self destruction. Being fascinated with all of the above the author Geo Ivery has blended common place ideals and supernatural references that have been pondered and fascinated about. From Socio political rhetoric to coming of age.


This is a mind blowing ride of intense situations by a cast of edgy, smart and resourceful characters. Take the journey with them and find out where it leads you.

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