Ahlina is the sixteen-year-old, punk-rock, computer hacker, best friend of Kaery, Scape, and Star. She found out she, too, is a Witchbreed, and one of the nine members of the Coven of Unity, though she doesn’t know what kind of powers she possesses. All of her regained memories are full of adventure, martial arts, explosions, and mayhem. She has dreamt of Jayde and the other kids in other lifetimes for as long as she can remember.


Ewm pronounced Oh-M, is the youngest member of the Coven of Unity. He is an extremely intelligent nine-year-old with the knack for anything Magickal. He was born blind, however, with his enlightenment came a blessing, anything Magickal he can see and understand, never forgetting a Rune or particle of anything created by or blessed with Magick. His black hair and red eyes are slightly creepy in contrast with his pale skin and he is obsessed with anything Magickally offensive in nature.


Heaven is one of the nine members of the coven of Unity that can use the powers of the Fae to control her own physical shape, as well as that of the environment in close proximity. Her extraordinary urge to be with her Coven of Unity caused her to flee her utopia homeland of the Faeries, then land in Europe where she has been held captive by the Shandor, a bloodline of Vampyl gypsy assassins and reality shifters.


Kaery is the sixteen-year-old, golden-eyed, all American girl next door. She transferred from New York to San Francisco where she met people she now considers her best friends. Recently she and her friends were faced with danger as they fled a nightclub and ended up in a Pagoda in Japan where they all found out they were Supernaturals. Kaery has the ability to see, hear and speak the truth, no matter the circumstances. She also is a Witchbreed, with oracular powers very similar to Maia’s as well as immunity to Magick. She also found out she was the lover of Blue in other lifetimes.


Khenebu is a Witchbreed member of the Coven of Unity who has learned the necromantech arts, as well as the quantum shadow arts. He lived in Egypt until he released a creature that led him to the same city as Kaery, Ahlina, Star, and Scape. This mysterious teenager is a lot smarter than he lets on as he has been enlightened since his fifteenth birthday.


Never is a part of the Equality Program and lower income housing student at the same prep school as Scape, Ahlina, Star, and Kaery. He is teased and ignored by most of the students of the prestigious school until he finds out he is a member of the Coven of Unity. He is able to change into a dragon of epic proportions, and use Draconi Magick.


Scape is a seventeen-year-old member of the Coven of Unity and one of the best friends of Kaery, Star, and Ahlina. He has been regaining his memories of other lifetimes where he was a powerful druid and Elementalist serving the gods as a mentor and peacekeeper. He is a student now and takes his job as student-faculty welcoming committee president seriously. His dreams are so vivid he hasn’t shared them all with his friends yet.


Ssiah is the twin to Ewm and elder sister by one minute and thirty seconds. Her parents adopted her as she was the loveliest looking baby with no defects or blemishes, and beautiful hazel eyes. She almost seemed like an angel. This wasn’t too far from the truth. Ssiah is a member of the Coven of Unity that can read the secret language of the Aenjelhn, or as humans call them, angels. She has been able to summon and control powerful Aenjelhn throughout many lifetimes.


Star is one of Kaery’s best friends and a recent addition to the narcissists of the world. She found out she is a Witchbreed with the ability to change her appearance and anyone’s near her for a temporary amount of time with Glamour Magick. Her six-foot frame and red hair stand out as she stomps around like her idol, Sky. She is a member of the Coven of Unity, though she doesn’t seem to be concerned with the war between Supernaturals and OZONE. Currently, she is far more obsessed with clothes and Sky than she is of the well being of the planet.

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