Chass is the Vampyl Prince and Executioner for none other than Prince Lord Ka. He leads the Gypsy family known as the Shandor. His skills for taking life are heard of around the world and his equally charismatic personality serves him well. This relentless predator has been sent on many missions, including finding and eliminating the Mancer Crux. After intercepting the boy’s whereabouts, Chass almost met the final death when he clashed with Mancers he thought were long dead, Blue and Sky. Among his most trusted Shandor Generals are Sasha, Emilian, Jilian, and Poet.


Emilian is the right-hand man of Sasha who has been terrorizing the underworld for a few hundred years, and like most vampyl has never encountered a Mancer or a Witchbreed. He is part of the Shandor family, wealthy, opulent, and a master at assassination.


An enforcer for Chass who has a cold and steely demeanor much like her high fashion outfits. She has been known to murder dozens of rivals and essentially anyone Chass points at. She is a mistress of both Shadow Magick and physical prowess.


Unlike Emilian, when he was changed into Vampyl by Sasha, he was given a gift of Shadow Magick, so he doesn't have to rely on brute strength and speed. But like Emilian, he has piercing good looks as most of the Shandor family do.

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