Deme-God is the human Technomage and self-proclaimed ultimate hacker. This teenager was adopted by OZONE at an early age and spends his time hunting down terrorists and threats to the organization. His most recent triumph was the supposed murder of his Nemesis, Surge-Overload. He is a broken human with the powers to use Magick over the ether and technology itself with specialized spellcraft and rituals. He leads a surprisingly terrifying group of Technomages, a recent phenomenon in Supernatural society.


Grin is a broken human known as a Psiel. His abilities to read minds, cause hallucinations and meltdown brainwaves are frightening to humans and deadly to Supernaturals as he tracks and hunts either, for the glory of OZONE. A devout elite Agent and equally creepy partner, Grin stops at nothing to fulfill his objectives. His latest assignment has been to observe Sky under the guise of a bodyguard.


Guardian is the world’s number one secret Agent and assassin for OZONE. His high marks have time and again validated his status and title. Showing prowess of enhanced strength, cat like agility, predatory stealth, Olympic speed, and unparalleled accuracy, Guardian has secured his position as the most deadly human being on the planet. All this was his undying truth in his patriotic American life until OZONE sent him on a mission to kill an innocent Supernatural, Isja, which caused him to question his employer for the first time. It happened once again when they sent him to kill the international terrorist threat, Surge-Overload, who happens to be his niece. Guardian has been hiding his own secret of being a Jreamer that assimilates part of his victims from everyone, including OZONE.


Juno is the deceptively beautiful super assassin and formerly the second most deadly Agent in the world until she went rogue on OZONE. She is now trying to redeem herself from past mistakes where she murdered countless Supernaturals in order to appease OZONE. She is a Witchbreed, who has covered her own identity from her employers as she searched for an unknown amount of time to find Nina. Now that she has found the Mancer, Nina, she will do her best to train her how to use her abilities in order to fight against the threat no one understands quite as well as she does, OZONE. Her spellcraft has been mastered to mimic those of a Jreamer almost identically.


Narles has been one of OZONE’s rising stars until recently when he botched a mission resulting in all of his limbs being destroyed in an explosion. His heart is devoted to the glory of OZONE, and he wishes for nothing more than to be an equal to Guardian. His military background and well-rounded skills on the field have won him many awards, and he considers himself the ultimate Soldier for OZONE. He hunts down anyone and anything to appease his commanders in the name of Christ.


Neflym is one of the masterminds behind OZONE. He is a timeless Immortal with unimaginable battle prowess. His schemes are said to be the very ones that caused OZONE to emerge in the first place. He has been hunting any Supernaturals he deems a threat and or uncontrollable for millenniums from the shadows.

Reynolds & Lisa

Reynolds and Lisa are the parents of Surge-Overload and covert spies for OZONE. This power couple has many masters’ degrees and countless hours of training, as well as many hours experience in the field, making them a partnership to beat. They take their job seriously and to this day don’t know that their daughter, Cindy, is actually Surge-Overload. They continue to work their hardest to complete any mission set in front of them.

Samuel Bradford

Samuel Bradford is the CEO and founder of the world’s most technologically advanced empire, Braintech who manufactures and creates everything from cellphones to rockets. Thinking there was nothing hard or impossible for him to accomplish until Sky game along; his goal is to keep her safe. He is the Jewish genius from a long line of scientists. His skills have been commissioned by corporations all over the world including OZONE to develop gear and weapons that will help them destroy Supernatural threats.

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