Blue is a Soulstreamancer also known as a bad boy, rebel, drop-out that killed his family by accident when his powers were unlocked. Now he is being trained by Gemini for what comes next, for his role is imperative, though he doesn’t know exactly how. He has the abilities of god-speed, hyper regeneration, and immortality, among others. He finds out through memories and meditation he ruled the world in more than one lifetime and his love affairs have crossed over timelines and into the present day. He was one of the gods responsible for today's destructive world and the creation of OZONE.


Crux is a young Magnemancer, and gypsy from the Petsha family. He has been born into a life of mystery and intrigue but it all came to an end when his now dead uncle, Loiza, saved him from being sacrificed before his thirteenth birthday. After being saved by Blue, trained by Jayde, and now squatting at Star’s house, Crux doesn’t know what to do next. One thing he knows for sure is that all four gypsy families, including the Shandor bloodline of Vampyl, are hunting him down in order to fulfill an ancient prophecy. He has learned to use his powers to control the density, velocity, and momentum of small bits of matter, essentially throwing missiles of deadly force, as well as probability to a certain extent making him seem extremely lucky to survive the inevitable war upon them all.


Gemini is the self-proclaimed advisor to the powers that be. In this life, it happens to be a group of misfit Mancer kids and their old friends, the Coven of Unity. He is a Duomancer with unknown powers of both destruction and creation and can split his form into two separate beings. He is a mastermind with an agenda that has yet to be uncovered though his allies seem to trust him implicitly. He is as old as the planet Earth itself.


Jayde is the right-hand enforcer of Gemini. Her long black hair, milky Asian skin, and green eyes only distract her enemies as she is one of the most dangerous beings walking the earth. Once revered as the Goddess of Martial Arts and Grace, Jayde is a Metamancer with control over every cell in her body, who taught the world the very first forms of martial arts, now called the Lost Arts. She has taken vows of peace she will have to rethink, in the war to save the world.


Maia is the intelligent, home-schooled girl from a religious home. Through her worst nightmares she has found that she is not only a Celestiamancer, controller of anything celestial, but the very one that is responsible for an entire civilization disappearing. She has been working closely with Gemini, developing her psychic and oracular abilities like telepathy, scrying, healing, and clairvoyance that have yet to show their limitations. Like many other sixteen-year-olds, she suffers from self-doubt. She has an unknown link to blood she has yet to understand, but it has served as one of her greatest abilities.


Nina is the innocently naïve Mancer in the group thus far with the powers to control others’ emotions. Being a Neuromancer comes with its cost as she barely has any control over such an ambiguous power. She doesn’t know why she seems to be the only one to trust Juno, but she does, and that is something she will have to explore in the future. She currently is a refugee living in Zalomoni with other kids who escaped an OZONE assassination.


Sky is the spoiled and beautiful heiress born into a life where there is no limit to luxury. Her Jewish father is the founder of the most technologically advanced company in the world and her supermodel mother is the heiress to a throne of diamonds. Sky has found out that she is a Spheromancer; able to control anything within a certain invisible sphere around her, including the weather, sound, gravity, time, space and healing while being able to see 360 degrees all at once. She doesn’t believe she is Supernatural, which handicaps her progress. Recently, after finding out she was responsible for the world today, she has been suffering from amnesia. She believes she was kidnapped, and pushed the memories out of her head in order to live a normal life again.


Surge-Overload is a fourteen-year-old Technomancer with unique and unparalleled powers over any technology. The strongest Technomancer on the planet, she has tormented the secret society that currently rules most of the planet, OZONE. She stole a laundry list of files from OZONE including conceptual designs for technology and her favorite hack, a list of the Agent’s names and identity files. She found her parents and uncle on the list and her world came crashing down. OZONE tried to corner and exterminate her. Upon being saved, she is now with Gemini and his followers, learning how to use their abilities properly in order to fight OZONE once and for all.

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