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Mancers in the language of Magick is synonymous with the words, King, Queen, ruler, controller. These beings born as Mancers were meant to rule this reality and the many aspects of it. They are not at all common Supernaturals and have barely anything in common with each other except for immortality and a wide range of powers. In history, the Mancers have been chosen as the presence that has guided all kingdoms to greatness and ruin hence why they were called Gods and Goddesses. It was believed that they all died as they seemed to disappear and not to be seen again until recently. With small decisions, they can alter the timeline of the future.


Wicasht in the language of Magick is synonymous with keeper, advisor, teacher, balance, neutrality, and Witchbreed. These beings were born with the abilities to see and manipulate runes of Magick, the code in which all reality is built upon. They draw from the Soulstream to wield powerful spellcraft that is just as powerful as the Mancers yet more controlled. They are not born immortal but they can cast spells on themselves to become so with the right ingredients and intention. Every Witchbreed has a Blessing and a Fault which are gifts and curses based on the Covens they are born into. They have been given the duty of keeping the balance of all the Supernaturals.


Jreamers in the language of Magick is synonymous with hero, champion, soldier, warrior, justice. They are the direct counter to the Mancer. The one thing all Guilds have in common is they can kill a Supernatural as easily as killing a human being. They are meant to keep the powerful elite Supernaturals in order. Some are born with heightened senses while others are born with the strength, speed, and agility of many men. While they were given a seemingly impossible job to check the power of the Mancer and Wicasht among all the other Supernaturals, they do it with grace. For every Jreamer that dies another is born to replace them. They are not immortal and no one has heard of one becoming such. Recently they choose to use their powers to protect mankind from any other. Once they were the soldiers and champions of the Mancers, now they hunt them.


OZONE is a shadow organization that makes the other secret societies look like after-school clubs. They have a presence anywhere humanity roams. They control the media, religion, medicine, and government worldwide. Employing both humans and Supernatural operatives they use their power to seek out possible unregistered Supernaturals and wipe out any threats to current day society. With an army of Jreamers at their disposal, they have held power over Earth for the greater part of 2000 years. They take their system and power very seriously and will do anything to maintain it.


Vampyl means blood drinker of darkness. Said to be born as a race meant to overthrow humanity. These predators are very much that. Given names like Vampires, Leeches, Mosquitoes etc. The Vampyl have been known by every culture worldwide. Their true motives are yet to be known though most know they are extremely hard to kill. These immortals are the monsters of age-old tales and so much more. Able to mimic some abilities they have been taught by Witchbreed in ancient times they are said to be a result of a spell gone wrong, an alien strand of blood mixed with human or a Dehmn possession. No one knows the true origins. One thing for sure is they are all more than capable of killing to survive.

Other Characters

Other characters in the series are family and friends.


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Dampyl means blood drinker in the sun. They are an anomaly of the Vampyl species. Some say one Dampyl is as powerful as 100 Vampyl but it has not yet been confirmed. These beings are more feared than anything else as they can blend into human society better than their brethren. Most are hunted by the Vampyl due to paranoia and hatred.


Datharon in the language of Magick means Oddity. They are by far the rarest of Supernaturals to exist in any universe. The Datharon are a mix of one or more of the other Supernaturals. Feared and Respected equally by the other Supernaturals. The Datharon could be a half Mancer and half Wicasht giving one being unbridled power and unlimited control over it. They are not born very often but when one is they are the only ones who can produce such a being. Their abilities range as they do not exist very often.


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