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Geo Ivery was born in Benton Harbor, Michigan, in 1978. Geo Ivery is an International Best Selling Sci-Fi Fantasy author who lives in sunny California. Raised in a military family he has traveled the world and once wanted to be a scientist and the first artist astronaut. Being an avid reader and comic book collector, Geo went to school to produce his own series of comic book characters. His series touches on many topics from coming of age, social-political rhetoric, mythology and the parallels between fact and fiction. His witty characters are vivid and powerful. A story about enlightenment and empowerment of our youth and adults alike. Challenging people to see what we've forgotten and/or are confused by current taboos and divisive tactics. He shows that anyone can be powerful if he or she believes it. His books have sold over 1.6 million copies worldwide and seem to be building a momentum that is unstoppable. The Gaming community, to the geeks, and nerds of the world have united around him and launched him into the position of the next George Lucas, Joss Whedon, Ryan Coogler, Jim Lee, JK Rowling or any of his other heroes in the creative field.


Geo was not always the huge success story that is trending. He was homeless in his teens and learned to survive on the streets, but continued to attend school where he loved his art classes and art clubs. Nurturing the artistic side kept Geo out of trouble and well on his way to creating his own comic books and murals for local, tattoo parlors and venues in Houston. Geo went on to attend art school and later became a financial services specialist all while planning his next move in the arts. He went to Colorado where he wrote the first installment in his series, Soulstream the Mancer Epic. After over 45 denial letters from Queries, Ivery decided to self-publish and market himself.


The current day success of the Soulstream series is due to a buzz built online through video games like Final Fantasy, League of Legends, Shaiya, World of Warcraft and other Massive Online platforms. With the release of the Audiobook, the book is doing extremely well on the charts and available to billions of eager customers worldwide. He sees everyone as a comic book character and loves to find both the gifts and the flaws that make people unique so that the world can see Magick through his vision.


Cover art illustrated by Ivery's personal friend and art school classmate Jodet Nañez.

Visit his deviant art page and Youtube channel.

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