The highly anticipated second book of the series
Return of the Witchbreed

THE RETURN OF THE WITCHBREED is the second of a nine-book epic series, entitled SOULSTREAM. It is about the Witchbreed, Coven of Unity being reborn as ordinary teenagers who discover that they were the advisors to the powerful Mancers in earlier lifetimes.

Once they are enlightened, they reveal the true history of planet Earth and are thrust into a war with OZONE. The Mancers must save the kids in order to save the world.

Being the original masters of the code of Magick, these powerful characters, known as Wicasht to all supernaturals and Witchbreed to humans, have returned to restore the balance in the war that is devastating the globe. After they realize they were used as tools of destruction in other lifetimes, they have to make the decision to either run or fight.

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